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April 2017 Monthly Auction

Congratulations to S. Clintwoth who placed the winning bid of $2,250 for March's silent auction painting "Apple Tree", by Vladimir V. Filippov, estimated at $3,500- $4,500.

For our April auction painting, we are pleased to present a beautiful still life by Engels Vasilyevich Kozlov. Estimated value: $3,000 to $4,000. "Still Life with Eggplants" is a wonderful work by an important Soviet artist! Richly executed with a vibrant color palate that will add delight for generations to come.

Engels V. Kozlov is graduate of the famed Repin Institute, a renowned member of the Leningrad School of Art, a "People's Artist of Russia", whose works are included in the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg and Tretykov Gallery, Moscow among many others.

6046- Kozlov- Still Life with Eggplants















Engels Vasilyevich Kozlov, "Still Life with Eggplants"
15" x 23", 2002, Oil on Canvas, Framed
Estimate, $3,000 to $4,000, Current Bid- $1,000 J. Nelson

We are pleased to offer this opportunity to our Gallery clients. This painting would make an exceptional addition to any collection or a great painting to start your collection. We invite you to participate in this month's auction and thank everyone who placed bids last month.

Estimated at $3,000 to $4,000, the current high bid is just $1,000. The next bid is $1,250, followed by minimum bidding increments of $250. Remember, there is no reserve, at the end of the auction the high bid wins!

Bids will be taken via telephone or e-mail until 7:00 pm MST, Monday, May 1st. Follow all the bidding updates on the Gallery's web site.

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Please e-mail bids only to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and make sure your receive confirmation of your bid. Note that you may place a maximum bid and the Gallery will bid on your behalf up to your maximum. By placing a maximum bid you will be assured you are not out bid at the last minute.


Kozlov-Engels-Vasilievich-kozlov bw

Engels Vasilevich Kozlov, (1926-2007)

People's Artist of Russia, Kozlov lived and worked in Leningrad - Saint Petersburg, one of the main representatives of the Leningrad school of painting, most famous for his genre and portrait painting. Kozlov's works are in the collections of the Russian Museum St. Petersburg and The State Tretykov Gallery Moscow.

Honored Artist of Komi Republic (1971 and Russian Federation (1982).
People's Artist of Komi Republic (1982) and Russian Federation (1987).

Engels Vasilievich Kozlov was born March 24, 1926 in Troitsko-Pechorsk, Komi Republic, USSR. When he was 11 years of age, his family moved to Syktyvkar, where he attended the Children's Art School at the House of Young Pioneers. Kozlov graduated from high school in 1945, the same year that World War II ended.

Kozlov studied at the Yarslavl Art College from 1947 to 1949 and at the Leningrad Art College from 1949 to 1950. From 1953 on, the artist took an active role in the national, zonal, local and Republican exhibitions. He also exhibited in Turkey, Finland, and Philadelphia, USA. In 1950 Kozlov was accepted at the prestigious Repin Institute in St. Petersburg, where he graduated cum laude in 1956. He was a pupil of Vitaly Valtsev and Ivan Stepashkin and graduated from the studio of the master, Yuri Neprintsev.

Kozlov became a member of the Leningrad Chapter of the Russian Artists' Union in 1956. Additionally, for the next 34 years Kozlov was a member of the Communist Party. He received the honors of the Order of Friendship of Nations, the Medal for Labor Valiance, USSR Academy of Arts and USSR Council of Ministers diplomas, and a prize from the Kirov Factory in Leningrad.

6046- Kozlov- Still Life with Eggplants detail Kozlov- "Still Life with Eggplants" detailFrom 1961-1963 Kozlov worked in the V.M. Oreshnikov art workshop. Throughout his career, he received many honors, most notably are: Honorable Art Worker of Komi (1971), Honorable Artist of Russia (1978), National Artists of Komi (1982), and National Artist of Russia (1987).

Kozlov held personal exhibits in Syktyvkar, Int, Leningrad, and Moscow and participated in the "Soviet-Russai" show in Moscow in 1960 and in personal exhibitions in Leningrad (1976), Moscow (1987) and Syktivka (2006). He was a member of the Leningrad Artists' Union since 1956.

Engels Kozlov was a delegate II, III, IV, and V All-Russian Congresses of Soviet Artists (1968, 1971, 1975, 1981), and V, VI All-Union Congresses of Soviet Artists in Moscow (1977, 1982). He was repeatedly elected a member of the Board of the Leningrad branch of the Union of Artists of Russian Federation.

Kozlov has authored many articles on art in Khudozhnik magazine in Leningrad and Syktyvkar. He was also the subject of numerous publications and articles in the personal exhibit catalogs. The album-monograph, E.V. Kozlov, was published in 1991 in Leningrad.

Kozlov specialized in genre painting, scenes from everyday contemporary Russian life. He was particularly fascinated by life in the far north. He was known for his use of contrasting placement of blue-greens and golden browns. His style was a cross between Working-Class Impressionism and the Severe Style.

Engels Vasilievich Kozlov died on November 20, 2007 in Saint Petersburg at the eighty-first year of life. Kozlov's works can be found in the Russian Museum St. Petersburg, The State Tretykov Gallery Moscow, Springville Museum of Art, Springville Utah, The Museum of Russian Art, Minneapolis Minnesota, Syktyvkar, Orenburg, Briansk, Petrozavodsk, and Smolensk as well as in museums and private collections in Russia, England, France, Japan, the United States and throughout the world.


Auction Rules

A fun new tradition at the TKM Gallery, every month we select a painting and hold a no reserve silent auction.  Over the months there have been some 'steals' and some bidding wars but no matter the outcome, it has been exciting for our Russian art collectors.

You can print the form, and either fax the completed form to (435-658-1730) or send a simple e-mail containing the information on the bid form via e-mail to

Please be sure to include your full name, address, phone number, and email address.

In the case of identical bids, the Gallery will give precedence to the first one received, so it is to your advantage to indicate a maximum bid, and to submit your bid as early as possible.

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