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The Thomas Kearns McCarthey Gallery is one of the foremost dealers in the United States dealing with Russian Impressionistic art.  The Gallery maintains an extensive inventory of collectible works by Russia's most respected artists during the period of 1930 to 1980.  The Gallery carefully selects paintings that are historically significant, original in composition, interesting in form and beautiful in their depiction of the human spirit.  We have been working in Russia for many years and have developed close personal relationships with many of the artists and their families.  Together with our associated gallery in Russia, Dacha Art, and our Russian partners, we maintain extremely close ties with the arts community in Russia and the former Soviet republics.  In addition to our Russian specialization, the TKM Gallery is proud to work with talented artists from other countries who have the spirit of the Russian art.

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November Silent Auction

1574wAkinshin, Mikhail Vasilievich, "On the Rest"
18¾'' x 29¼'', (47.50 x 74 cm), 1961, Oil on Board
Estimate $4,000- 5,000, Current Bid, $1,250 C. Nielson

Congratulations to Kathie Marriott-Manangan who placed the winning bids for our October auction works, "New Bicycle" by Sergei A. Grigoriev sold for $2,000 estimated at $4,000- $5,000.

For our November silent auction we present this wonderful painting, "On the Rest", by one of the premier landscape artists of the second half of the twentieth century, Mikhail Vasilievich Akinshin. Akinshin had a unique ability to capture people as well as the beautiful landscapes of village life. He painted the countryside with emotion and reverence, always full of truth and integrity. Akinshin captured the gentility, vastness and living breath of the countryside of his native Ukraine and Uzbekistan where he studied.

In this work Akinshin combines the spontaneity of a one time plein air outing together with the bright, particularly Ukrainian, colors that are noted in many artists of the period. Mikhail Vasilievich Akinshin brings a vibrancy and spirit to this piece which marks it as a classic.

The current high bid is just $1,250. The next bid is $1,500 followed by minimum bidding increments of $250.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to add a great work by a highly acclaimed artist to your collection!

We invite you to participate in this month's auction and thank everyone who placed bids last month. Please note that you may place a maximum bid and the Gallery will bid on your behalf up to your maximum. By placing a maximum bid you will be assured you are not out bid at the last minute. Bids will be taken via telephone, fax, or e-mail until the auction ends at 6:00 pm, Sunday November 30th. Follow all the bidding updates on the Gallery's web site.

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Mikhail Vasilievich Akinshin, (1927- 1980) Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Translated from the original Russian

Mikhail Vasilievich Akinshin was born on February 18, 1927 in the village Lomovo, Kursk Region into a peasant's family. In 1951 M.V. Akinshin finished the Tashkent Art School. For a year he taught drawing at school. In 1953 he moved to the town of Zaporozhye and since this time has worked as a professional artist.

The artist travels often and has visited many places of our country. Everywhere, he tries to see and reproduce characteristic features of the terrain and its coloring. At the same time, M.V. Akinshin emphasizes skillfully his creative projects and in doing so retains peculiarities of his pictorial vision. The artist is especially carried away with diversity of our life, with fast rhythms and dynamics of contemporaneous. Probably, because of this, the local landscape became the main genre of his creative work.

Among landscapes created by M.V. Akinshin from 1968 to 1970, it is necessary to mention the picture titled "A Northern Little Town - Velikiy Ustyug". Here the artist's beloved composition device is used -- high horizon. It gave the artist the opportunity to show the place from the bird's eye view. The attention is attracted to the originality of the old town.

However, the artist does not consistently repeat this skillfully found method. For example, in the other landscape "Evening", the same place is represented in a different way. Here the view is from below with sharp color contrasts of bright red and orange buildings against the blue sky background. The artist shows a close-up of several buildings in major optimistic combinations with the Old Russian architecture.

He gives much attention to the work on studies during yearly trips over towns of our country. His paintings are not simply enlarged studies, not merely a mechanical transfer of a motif but laborious work on assertions of his views, image bearing executions of reality filled with personal feelings, emotional experiences and thoughts.

The landscape "Summer" which is in Zaporozhye Art Museum should also be attributed to the best of his works. Having reached the creative maturity, Mikhail Vasilievich Akinshin peers into life fixedly and represents it more truthfully and deeply.

Akinshin, Mikhail Vasilievich  (1927-1980)

- Born in Kursk, studied at Tashkent Art College. Active in Zhaporozhe, Ukraine from 1953. Specialized     
   in landscapes.

- Since 1968 he has been a member of the USSR Union of Artists and takes an active part in regional and    
   republican exhibitions.

- Mikhail Akinshin is listed in "A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Paintings, 1900

   -1980", by Matthew Cullerne Brown.

Victor K. Gaiduk New Works!

1"Abstract Landscape", 20'' x 28'', 1970"s, Gouache on Cardboard, $990

We are pleased to present over twenty new works by Ukrainian artist Victor Kirillovich Gaiduk, A painter full of passion and color, Gaiduk's manner of painting, with bold heavy strokes, hearty daubs of paint and bright colors, makes his works truly unique. They are among the favorites in the Gallery. Especially, as Gaiduk's works are so affordable, with most works under $1,200,

These are rare works and it is unlikely that we will be able to obtain any more. Don't miss out on this rare chance to add some wonderful works by a great artist and at a great price to your collection.

2"Landscape- Pond", 19¾'' x 27½'', 1970"s, Oil on Cardboard, $990 

35"Landscape- Evening Trees", 15¼'' x 23¼'', 1970's, Gouache on Cardboard, $1,100

4Landscape- Fall Trees", 16¼'' x 20¾'', Gouache on Cardboard, $1,100

5"Landscape", 16¼'' x 23½'', (41 x 60 cm) 1970"s, Oil on board, $990

 6"Landscape" 17'' x 24'', (43 x 61 cm) 1970"s, Oil on Cardboard, $900

Victor Kirillovich Gaiduk, 1926-1992

Born in Zaporozhye, Ukraine in 1926. He trained at the Zaporozhye association of artists in the studios of the famous Ukrainian artists G. and B. Kolosovsky between 1951 to 1957.

Active in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, Gaiduk began exhibiting in 1953. Gaiduk was a member of the National Union of artists.

Victor Kirillovich Gaiduk is listed in "A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters 1900-1980" by Matthew Cullerne Bown (page 92).

Gaiduik's works are included in major national museums, the Zaporizhzhya Regional Art Museum, in numerous galleries and private collections in Ukraine, Russia and worldwide.

Russian & Soviet Impressionism
Russia's Rich Cultural Heritage

impressionism-homeRussia's rich cultural heritage represents the best of human creativity. Its literature, music, visual and performing arts and architecture are among the most profound, compelling and beautiful expressions of the human spirit.

Much of this rich heritage is well known in the United States, such as the writing of Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky, the music of Peter Tchaikovsky, Serge Prokofiev and Igor Stravinsky, the painting of Ilya Repin and Vassily Kadinsky, the architecture of the Kremlin and State Hermitage Museum and the dance of the Bolshoi Ballet.

Less well known in this tradition of creativity is the painting of the Russian Impressionist period, lasting from approximately 1930 to 1980. Russian Impressionism made an important contribution to the cultural heritage of Russia, but until recently, little has been known of its beauty and quality and its leading artists because of Soviet isolationism. During this period much of the cultural life in the Communist Soviet Union was denied Western exposure. The demise of Communism, the lifting of the Iron Curtain and the movement towards freedom and democracy of the newly formed Commonwealth of Independent States has allowed the world the opportunity to experience a unique and important historical past through the art work.

It is now being collected and recognized by art historians, museum directors, curators and collectors as some of the best art produced in the twentieth century. 

"Soviet Impressionism"- Vern G. Swanson

From a unique set of circumstances that would be impossible to duplicate, Soviet Art from 1930 to 1980 was the 20th century's major realist school of painting. It powerfully expresses itself with a simple clarity of pictorial language, consummate adeptness and truthful portrayal of life. The Soviet artist acted as a willing collaborator with and portrayer of the aspirations of society. This contrasted with Western models where artists were typically alienated from their community. Acceptance will come, using the Soviet phrase, because it is "historically inevitable". It is already to a certain extent here with the pictures from the period increasingly passing through the sale rooms of Europe and North America. This book should give wider understanding of this underrated but artistically exciting movement in Soviet art.

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Margarita Kolobova- New Works!

aa"Church on the Old Cemetery in Novgorod", 13¾'' x 15¾'', 2010, Oil on Canvas, $1,200The gallery recently received several new works from Margarita Kolobova. We are excited to share them with you.

Margarita graduated this past summer from the prestigious Russian Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, founded by Ivan Shuvalov in 1757. Since graduating, Margarita has been traveling and painting. Many of her new works reflect her experiences in Montenegro, Greece, Finland and of course her home town of St. Petersburg.

Currently, Margarita is working on her third degree from the Art Faculty of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Finland. She has also recently spent time studying and painting at the famed artistic community of Academicheskaya Dacha, (Academic Dacha) near Moscow. The village has been the spiritual heart of Russian art since the village was founded in 1884 and home of many of the great Russian artists over the last century and a half.

a"Evening (Greece)". 25½'' x 35½'', 2011, Oil on Canvas, $3,200

b"Snappy Day (Nikolskiy Cathedral, St.Petersburg)"
9¾'' x 15¾'', 2010, Oil on Board, $750

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